Happy Hour at Island Art

There is this time of day here in southern NJ when the sun is setting over the back bay and the sky turns this beautiful orange, pink , and purple. The brightness is winding down and all your cares start to melt away. This time is Happy Hour at Island Art. Friends and family stop by to soak in these moments of peace. Music plays. Hour devours keep coming and the drinks never run dry. This is the happiest Hour and Island Art has all your supplies to make it magical.

American made in Chicago for 105 years. Rolf is known for their brilliant etched crystal bar war and Consistent high quality.

Our cheeseboards are made from sustainable bamboo and beautiful hardwoods. Each one comes with its own distinctive utensils and individual wood grain designs.

These fun and decorated lazy Suzans are made from tempered glass and a solid stainless steal turning mechanism for smooth rotation.

We carry a huge selection of delectable happy Hour goodies to make everyone’s tastebuds happy!

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